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NDC - the most trusted name in electronic data conversion from backup tapes and optical disks, for litigation and compliance

For over 20 years, NDC has been delivering rock-solid dependable, electronic data conversion services. With over 42,000 successful projects, more than 5,000 clients and countless accolades for reliability, responsiveness, and technical innovation, NDC is the trusted partner of most of the major solutions providers in the marketplace.

Track record counts, and no one has the track record and reputation that NDC has won in the marketplace over the years.

Our unique focus on electronic data conversion services, combined with over 20 years of pioneering experience put us in a unique position to successfully respond to our clients’ needs for legacy data access.

Whether the need has to do with backup tapes, legacy email stores, databases, voice traffic or the countless other forms of electronic data, NDC has a solution tailor made for the situation.

We can draw upon more than 20 years of resources and unique tools we have developed to ensure that every challenge will be met and our clients’ expectations exceeded.

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