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State of the Art Recovery Resources

NDC has over 20 years of experience dealing with damaged tapes and optical disks.

From simple logical inconsistencies to severe physical damage, NDC provides the peace of mind that your problem will be handled by the industry’s most experienced team.

Some common data recovery scenarios:

  • initialized or partially overwritten tapes
  • snapped tape media, whether at the beginning or in the middle
  • crinkled, creased tape media
  • worn, stretched media with intermittent or random errors
  • missing tapes in a backup tape sequence (whether the first tape is missing or one further along in the chain, NDC can recover the contents of the available tapes)
  • waterlogged or smoke damaged media, often encrusted with layers of residue
  • damaged media enclosure (plastic tape cartridges or optical disk housings)
  • bad spots (blocks, sectors, tracks) leading to loss of logical integrity
  • old media subject to sticktion, where the magnetic recording layer is in danger of separating from the substrate
  • and many others

In most cases, physical recovery is only a part of the problem. Assuring data integrity and logical consistency can be a far greater challenge.

We are proud that, in recognition of our capabilities, GE Medical Systems has chosen NDC to be the sole source provider of data recovery services to its community of medical imaging customers (CT, MRI and other modalities) from optical disks and tapes.

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