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Emails are the most pervasive form of communications in today’s business world. At the same time, emails have exploded in volume to some 84 billion emails a day. It is estimated that the overwhelming bulk of most companies IP resides at some point in emails.

Exchange, Outlook PST, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, ccMail, Iplanet, Samsung, AOL, Qualcomm Eudora, Netscape, DaVinci, DECmail, VAXmail, Pegasus, all single message formats (RFC822, .MSG, .EML, TNEF) and more ...

Emails-Electronic Discovery Risk and Costs
As effective a communications tool as emails are, they also represent the greatest potential source of discoverable evidence in litigation or regulatory investigations. In many instances, litigants concentrate on emails as the primary source of discoverable data of interest.

The new FRCP rules and recent case law, have opened the doors for emails to play an even greater role in electronic discovery.

NDC offers the litigation support industry’s most comprehensive, and scalable email processing capabilities. We can restore emails from any backup formats and cull it for appropriate custodians or time sets. We can then de-duplicate it and normalize it into a standard target format such as PST or single message (RFC822, .msg, .eml) formats to make it ingestable into all review engines.

We handle all versions of Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise Eudora, ccMail, Iplanet, DECmail, and dozens of other formats. With over 20 years of experience you can have the confidence we will process your emails quickly and reliably with full defensibility.

We partner with all levels of litigation support services and solutions providers to assure them expedient and reliable access to legacy email evidence of interest, within the demanding time frames and exacting accuracy expectations of the litigation context. We offer the most important elements of a partnership – Dependability, Scalability, and Defensibility, all of which amount to Confidence in the outcome.

In an industry where mistakes can be catastrophic, don’t entrust your emails to anyone but the industry leader.

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