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Do You Enjoy Risk?

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What Does Your Legacy Data Hold?

Are There Skeletons on Your Legacy Backup Tapes?

How Many Surprises Lurk There?

Is It Really Better Not to Know?

How Will You Manage Your Risk if You Don't Know?

Litigation readiness, regulatory compliance and corporate governance  require taking charge of the legacy data streams that currently reside on backup tapes in off-site storage and scattered throughout an enterprise. These data stores represent the greatest risk and cost exposure associated with electronic discovery in litigation and regulatory investigations. Companies embarking on the journey to prepare themselves for litigation, compliance and good governance must address these legacy data issues.

Here are some simple, progressive steps that can be undertaken to achieve litigation readiness:

  • One, catalog and index backup tape contents.
  • Two, ensure availability by de-duplicating and consolidating them onto the newest backup technologies.
  • Three, prepare the data sets for easy ingestion into review engines (or archives) when the time comes.

Done, proactively, without the various cost levels involved in the reactive model, this is surprisingly affordable, when performed by the experts at NDC.

NDC has harnessed the power of the world’s leading indexing and search technologies to offer customers a wire speed capability to catalog and index legacy backup tapes. Once the tapes are cataloged we offer clients comprehensive reports and an on-line capability to search and examine tape contents.

This capability affords our clients an unprecedented opportunity to intelligently navigate the issues associated with legacy data sets and make informed decisions regarding case strategy and response.

Highly targeted, selective restores can then be executed, for discovery purposes, quickly and efficiently. This can lower overall electronic discovery costs substantially. It can also dramatically reduce the time to respond to discovery requests for litigation or compliance and open the window for early case assessment.

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