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Migrating Data Between Physical and Logical Formats

We live in a world of continuously evolving technologies that have an increasing profound impact on our society. Most industries have become largely dependant on technology to ensure economic viability and retain competitive advantage.

Migrating to the latest technologies carries, besides the obvious advantages, the additional burden of ensuring the continuity of data availability from previous, legacy environments.

NDC offers a comprehensive suite of data migration services to allow access or re-purpose legacy data for new applications.

Common business needs giving rise to conversion requirements may include:

  • Upgrades of technology infrastructure, from the most profound to simplest, often necessitate the migration of data stored in the abandoned environment
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often carry with them the need to consolidate disparate technology platforms between the merged entities into a unified target environment
  • Data exchanges with outside parties that have different technology environments, whether on a hardware, operating system or applications level, may often involve data translation of one sort or another

NDC services encompass:

  • Media migration from old formats to newest, most compact and reliable ones, when upgrading tape backup systems or optical disk technologies
  • Backup software migrations consisting of translating old backup stores from previous backup formats to the new format(s)
  • Application level migrations when changing email servers, accounting application, database applications or the myriad other application related translations such as email archive migrations to newer versions
  • Email archive ingestions to streamline and eliminate the hassles of, as well as put on a fast track, the ingestion of legacy emails from backup tapes into an email archive
  • Document imaging system migrations from previous generations of such applications and optical disk media to the most current

In many cases a data conversion project may consist of a combination of the above tasks.

NDC services assure a hassle free, timely and reliable conversion. This allows your internal teams to concentrate on the front line, missions critical tasks. And you can have the peace of mind that you have the industry's top professionals taking care of the data conversion issues.

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