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Its time to take charge and have the experts take care of the risks and hassles.

Regulatory compliance requirements and litigation costs, as well as various operational benefits, have driven companies to invest in email archives at unprecedented rates. However, as most organizations quickly discover, the implementation of an archive is just a first step to meeting compliance and litigation challenges. An email archive without legacy emails in it is like a car without gas. You simply can’t get the benefits you expected until you load it with substantial enough legacy email sets.

Managing the Complexity of Email Conversion and Ingestion into Email Archives
NDC offers legacy email restoration from legacy backup tapes, de-duplication and normalization of the email streams into a target format of choice, for easy ingestion into any email archive. The time and cost savings of utilizing NDC services can be substantial. Many other benefits accrue as a result of engaging NDC, including minimizing disruptions to in-house operations and ensuring legally defensible processing with full audit trail.

NDC has the most comprehensive resources and experience in the industry for processing legacy emails from backup tapes or optical disks. In fact, we have successfully processed the single largest email processing project ever undertaken and we process many billions of emails every year.

We even migrate clients from 1st generation archives to more current technologies.

NDC is a trusted partner to most of the email archive solution providers for legacy email processing and ingestion and we work on many projects behind the scenes. We have experience with Symantec Enterprise Vault, CA-Message Manager, HP-RISS, EMC EmailXtender, Zantaz, Iron Mountain and many others.

Our conversion capabilities are battle tested and ready to work on your behalf.

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