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Migrating and Recovering Medical Images from All Modalities.

Medical images of all modalities, whether CT scans or MRI or ultrasound, are essential tools for the medical profession. Ensuring their preservation and integrity is a recognized need in the industry.

GE Medical, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba, Picker, Marconi, Dicom ...

Medical Image Conversion
Current imaging technologies allow economical capture of voluminous streams of such images to various digital media, such as optical disks or tapes, for storage. Combined with the new insurance mandates for more accurate and effective diagnosis, the volumes of such images are skyrocketing.

As with all such technologies, they undergo continual evolution. Today’s solutions offer compelling feature sets but migrating previously captured images into the new environments can be daunting. Between the issues of old media and logical formats to the sheer volumes involved, conversion tonew formats may seem impracticable.

NDC steps in to ensure convenient, reliable and timely conversion. Our processes eliminate the hassles and risks by assuring complete integrity via time tested methodologies. We process all physical media formats (optical disks and tapes) and image formats.

Medical Image Recovery
As dependable as digital technologies may be, sooner or later, over time, the tape and optical disk media on which images are stored undergo gradual degradation that may impact access to the stored images. This may be accelerated by environmental conditions of the storage environment or simply repeated handling.

NDC offers both a proactive media refresh service to ensure media longetivity as well as an image recovery service once problems arise. Media refresh is a simple and cost effective means to ensure image availability over time. In fact, it is the recognized best practice in situations where the media contents have such a profound importance (and associated risk and liability for non-preservation) as in the health care industry.

NDC data recovery services address all common and not so common issues (overwritten tapes, physical damage, logical corruption etc.) to ensure the best possible opportunity for recovery once problems arise.

NDC offers the peace of mind that your images will be there when you need them.

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