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Accurate, Volume Duplication of All Media Types

Media duplication can play a critical role in assuring chain of custody and forensic handling requirements and minimizing risks associated with media handling. Whether the need calls for a single copy or thousands of copies, NDC can guarantee reliable, timely and 100% accurate media replication.

Duplicating Media Used in Electronic Discovery
In many litigation situations, to ensure the most rigorously defensible process, tapes or optical disks need to be duplicated so that any restoration work will be performed on the duplicates, leaving the originals untouched, In other instances, copies need to be made to submit to the courts, regulators or the other side. Guaranteeing a forensically sound copy, with the appropriate documentation is essential for defensibility of process.

Duplicating to Ensure Longetivity and Availability
Let’s face it, all magnetic and optical media has a shelf life. Not only are manufacturer specified MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) numbers typically optimistic but, both environmental factors and handling issues can seriously jeopardize data integrity. Best practices in storage dictate that all storage media be periodically reconditioned and copied onto new media to ensure longetivity. NDC offers a quick, scalable and cost effective media refresh service that ensures future access.

Duplicating for Disaster Recovery Redundancy
The most critical corporate assets, its electronic data stores, may require special precautions to ensure security of the corporate IP. In many cases, duplicate copies of the most critical data sets need to be created for added protection, for storage in off-site facilities. NDC offers rapid, economical duplication, complete reliability and a hassle free alternative to struggling in-house resources.

NDC Duplication Services
NDC can duplicate media quickly, cost effectively and with assurance of 100% reliability. Our facilities are capable of handling tens of thousands of tapes at a time and our unique methodologies and tools ensure maximum throughput for tape duplication and verification.

Not only can we handle all physical media formats but we have the years of experience to be able to deal with the full range of common problems encountered in media duplicating, including damaged, grime encrusted and worn media.

We can duplicate to the same media type as the original, or, as often preferable, to higher capacity, or reliability, alternatives. We handle all media formats, from tape reels and tape cartridges to optical disks, zip disks, Jaz disks and other removable media.

Your data assets deserve the care and expertise of NDC duplication professionals.

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