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Don't be surprised if you hear yourself in court

NDC is a pioneer in voice logging and messaging tape processing for electronic discovery. More than 10 years ago we already processed such tapes and we have unparalleled resources and expertise to successfully execute such projects.

NDC supports Dictaphone, Nice, Racal (WordSafe, WordNet), Eyretel, Eventide, ASC, Lanier, Magnasync, Mercom, Nortel, Meridian, Comverse, Verint and other formats, including .AIF, .AIFC, .AIFF, .ASF, .AU, .AUD, .AVI, .MOV, MP2, .MP3, .MP4, .MPEG, .MPG, .MPG4, .QT, .VOX, .WMA, .WMV, WAV, and many more digital formats.

The  new FRCP rules, which formally broadened the definition of discoverable electronic evidence, combined with recent developments in audio search technologies,  have given voice traffic a new viability as a source for discoverable evidence. This renewed interest has created an unprecedented demand for our voice related services, whether in response to regulatory scrutiny or electronic discovery requests.

We restore voice traffic from voice logging and messaging tapes or optical disks, cull and index it by any available metadata and normalize it into a standard target format such as .WAV files for ingestions into a search tool.

We have partnered with the premier audio search solution provider to offer clients a comprehensive and economical discovery mechanism for audio traffic.

It can now be truly said that voice traffic is no longer “inaccessible”. In fact, the spoken word can be a compelling source of evidence. Discover for yourself what this technology can do for your case strategy.

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