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Every Format. Period.

NDC handles every tape format, every optical disk format, and every logical format, including all email formats and all backup formats. If we don't have an existing solution we engineer it. Our staff encompasses unique, deep skill sets spanning hardware and software engineering disciplines. In fact, over half of our staff is engaged in continual new solutions development and R&D.

NDC has done it all - from punched card decks, through the latest tape technologies such as STK9940, IBM 3592, all generations of LTO/SDLT and other tape cartridge formats. Simply put, the most comprehensive repertoire of data conversion services in the industry.

But that is not all, we also have the most scalable and reliable processes, time tested and supported by the industry's most experienced staff devoted to tape restoration and data conversion. Our reputation is second to none, our commitment to getting the job done is consistently unwavering.

Tape Restoration & Indexing for eDiscovery
Every physical tape media format, every backup format and every data stream. From 7-track tapes to the latest tape cartridge technologies and everything in between. Proven scalability to meet the tightest deadlines and size of project.

E-mail Processing for Discovery
Every email format, Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, ccMail, Eudora, single message, RFC822, Iplanet... . When you need it fast with complete reliability and airtight defensibility.

Legacy Email Ingestion into Archives
NDC converts into every email archive format and has partnered with the leading email archive solution providers (CA, Symantec, EMC, Iron Mountain...). The most trusted and experienced email processing facilities in the industry.

Voice Logging and Messaging
NDC is a pioneer in the industry for restoration of voice traffic (logging and messaging) from tapes and optical disks, and processing into standardized formats for discovery and compliance. Voice traffic is now an accessible form of ESI.

Legacy Tape Indexing and Strategic Tape Reduction
Unprecedented opportunities exist for cost and risk reduction for companies deciding to take charge of their legacy electronic data stores, contained on backup tapes, for litigation readiness, compliance and corporate governance.

Medical Image Conversion and Recovery
Medical images, CT, MRI and other modalities need to be managed and preserved. NDC offers data recovery and conversion services to ensure image availability.

Legacy Data Conversion
Technology evolves on a daily basis. Whether you need to upgrade to the latest technologies, merge disparate technology platforms due to M&A activities or simply exchange data sets with other parties who employ different technologies, NDC can ensure data continuity, your data travels with you.

Tape and Optical Media Duplication
NDC utilizes proprietary tools, time tested, and continually enhanced, to ensure perfect copies every time. Full audit trail capture and support for forensically accurate and defensible duplication whether you need a single copy or 10,000.

Data Recovery from Tapes & Optical Disks
Damaged tapes or optical disks can pose daunting challenges to successful data restoration. NDC utilizes unique, time tested tools and skill sets to ensure maximum recoverability. This can be critical to successful discovery or operational continuity.

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