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NDC to the Rescue!

NDC services address the most pressing challenges facing the corporate community:

  • Litigation Support
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Legacy Data Migrations

Here is a short selection of engagements NDC has been asked to perform.

Litigation Support-Services Provider

A renown litigation support services provider requested the processing of emails for a set of some 12 custodians from a set of 1,400 tapes containing GroupWise emails. After some initial consultations, we realized that, based on the email server architecture of the source environment and the associated backup regimen the client followed, only a small subset of the tapes could possibly contain the emails of interest.

We suggested that we first catalog the full pool of tapes to establish their exact contents, and on the basis of that, we would only process the tapes that actually contained the appropriate content. After cataloging, we were able to limit processing to less than two hundred of the tapes!

The associated cost savings were tremendous, on the order of several hundred thousand dollars, on the tape and email processing side alone.  These types of cost savings are not unusual when approaching such work in an informed way. As always, all such strategies need to effectively reflect the matter specifics including issues in dispute, key players and such.

Compliance and Litigation Support

A world renown financial services firm decided to bite the bullet and implement a state-of-the-art email archive. Recognizing the need to load the archive with legacy emails to obtain the expected litigation related benefits, the firm decides to restore and ingest emails from backup tapes using in-house resources.

Six months later, the firm is hit with a discovery request spanning multiple custodians and a time frame encompassing several years back. Upon review of the progress of its current email processing approach, the firm realizes that it could never produce the emails within the expected time frame. In fact, on its own, it would take several years.

The firm hires NDC to process nearly 10,000 backup tapes within a four month time frame, both for ingestion into their email archive and to meet the discovery request.

Compliance – Financial Services

One of the world’s top tier, financial services firms and investment banks embarks on a bold compliance and records management initiative and decides to implement an enterprise wide email archive. As part of the initiative, after evaluating many alternatives and vendors, the firm chooses NDC to process nearly one hundred thousand legacy backup tapes of every flavor, spanning nearly 20 years.

NDC extract the appropriate email content, de-duplicates it and normalizes it for easy ingestion into the archive. The job is completed within a 9 month time frame.

The firm achieves over 90% streamlining of the legacy email ingestion process as a consequence.

Litigation Consultancy

One of the nation’s most recognized litigation related consultancies delivers 240 tapes on a Friday evening. The tapes need to be cataloged, the contents restored, any emails extracted, de-duplicated and converted to PST format by Monday.

NDC delivers results on a rolling basis, starting that Saturday and completes the job Monday morning, in time to meet a court deadline.

Email Archive Implementation

A major financial organization, responding to compliance obligations and litigation pressures, implements an email archive to lower costs of discovery and satisfy regulatory mandates. As part of the solution process, the email archive provider turns to NDC to restore legacy emails from nearly 20,000 backup tapes.

NDC catalogs the tapes, identifies relevant backup sets, restores appropriate email content, de-duplicates it and normalizes the results into an easily ingestable format in less than 6 months. This saves the customer years of in-house efforts and quickly eliminates the risk exposure associated with legacy data sets.

Strategic Litigation Consultancy

One of the world’s leading litigation support strategy consultancies engages NDC on behalf of a client needing a quick assessment of their exposure in a pending litigation. The challenge is to quickly catalog the contents of several hundred tapes, pinpoint content of interest, restore it and hand it over to a team of legal specialists for analysis.

NDC processes over 600 tapes within a one week period of time, meeting every goal set by the client.

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