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NDC, the on-ramp to the electronic records management highway

Litigation and Compliance related Risks and Costs - the most pressing challenges faced by the corporate community. Whether responding to a pending electronic discovery request in a current litigation, a regulatory investigation, or when adopting a proactive litigation readiness posture, legacy data, stored on backup tapes or optical disks, represents a key risk and cost component. Handled properly, it also represents one of the greatest opportunities for lowering both.

Litigation Support/Electronic Discovery
Timely, reliable and defensible access to legacy data sets stored on backup tapes and optical disks is indispensable to lowering the exposure associated with electronic discovery. Handled properly, this is an area of great opportunity for lowering electronic discovery costs and risks.

Litigation Readiness
NDC offers state-of-the-art capabilities to index and prepare data for loading into archives and review engines. Benefits accrue all along the value chain when this is done proactively without the time pressures and multiple cost levels associated with rushed reactive response.

The convergence of compliance and litigation related needs, and the evolution of solutions designed to address both, offer tremendous opportunities to take the bite out of regulatory investigations and litigation related discovery. NDC loads email archives and document management systems with legacy emails and other content from backup tapes and optical disks. We also migrate clients from prior solutions to latest technologies, ensuring that their data remains accessible.

Good Governance/Records Management
It is all about the data! Regulatory and litigation demands, as embodied in the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, SEC regulations and the new FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) make it clear that organizations need to take charge of their electronic data assets and manage them with the due care and diligence the courts, regulators and shareholders expect. The risks keep on rising and time is running out.

Strategic Tape Reduction – Legacy Data Matters
Litigation readiness, compliance and good governance. These intertwined goals cannot be fully realized until one tackles the legacy data streams contained on backup tapes. The typical  organization  has thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of legacy backup tapes  in off-site storage and various organizational silos. These tapes represent one of the principal risk and cost factors in litigation and compliance. The advent of new, ground-breaking technologies, combined with NDC experience and resources, finally allow dramatic, targeted and defensible consolidation and reduction of legacy data sets contained on backup tapes.

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