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Why Partner With NDC?

NDC has the industry’s most effective partnering profile. We stick to our knitting and to our promises. Combined with our unique capabilities and our unparalleled track record we offer an unprecedented comfort level to our partners.

As a consequence, we have developed deep and long lasting relationships with selected key players in the compliance and litigation support arenas and we work behind the scenes for industry leaders such as the top email archive providers, audio stream search technology providers and various layers of solutions providers. The country’s top consulting organizations and specialized industry consultants utilize our services.

We are very sensitive to the challenges of collaborating with all kinds of companies, even some that may appear on paper as “competitors”. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. The foundation for this is formed by our reliable delivery and responsiveness to our partners needs.

Over the course of time, our partners have come to rely on our ability to meet the tightest deadlines and successfully execute the largest projects.

In fact, the bulk of our business is executed through various partner channels where we data enable our partners’ solutions with legacy data streams. Often, legacy data issues may be a showstopper preventing the value add of our partners’ solutions to shine. NDC eliminates this consideration from the equation so our partners can concentrate on their value proposition.

Like electricity, we provide the essential enabler, access to legacy data, that powers our partners’ solutions in the marketplace.

Trust, dependability, quality of execution, proven scalability, competitive pricing – the right formula for partnering.

Choose NDC as your partner when you need rock-solid confidence in the success of the data conversion project.

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